Friday, November 30, 2012

Bye Bye Tea Lounge!

It's the end of an era! I have give up my office at the Tea Lounge. In these times of austerity, I have to keep my running costs low. I've also got a huge garage in my new house so plenty of storage space for all the props and costumes and stationery I have amassed across the years! I do want to do a massive clear-out too though so watch this space if you want to pick up some bargains. I will miss Dina and Annemarie and sitting in the kitchen catching up on all the gossip. We marked the occasion, as I always do, with a chocolate cake - this time iced with the word "Bye". Previous cakes have included ACTION, PRIDE, ART, OUT140 and various project names. Don't worry Action Crew - I will continue the proud tradition of starting each new project with a chocolate cake!

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