Sunday, October 21, 2012

Action News

Came across a couple of my old newsletters the other day and include one here to inspire me to do an up-to-date one soon. Great to see a pic of Natalie Drury in this edition - this was the first time I filmed her and her mum Pauline for a DVD about Carers' Assessments. Natalie was 25 then - I know because I've just filmed her 30th birthday party for her. Also sweet to work out at last how long my team have been playing in the Norwich and District Table Tennis League - looks like this is our 6th year in the bottom division! But the Action tshirts look great! And of course 2007 was the last time I went to Ghana and had such a brilliant experience with Agnes, Evans and the rest of the Action Crew. It was amazing to be with them as they filmed their Chief in his Palace. These are the moments when I realise how much I love being a filmmaker.

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