Friday, February 15, 2013

Norwich Rising

We had an AMAZING time at Norwich Rising and got some wonderful press.

I made a trailer for the event on my iPhone that has had over 5,000 views! It was mentioned in the Guardian: “The idea of dancing to stop violence has understandably attracted naysayers, even among committed supporters, but two videos, among hundreds, sum up how Ensler’s idea inspires campaigners. The first is the one that launched the new anthem written and produced by Grammy-award-winning Tena Clark, Break the Chain, with a video choreographed by Debbie Allen, who went on to make her own accompanying “how to” dance video. The second is one produced by campaigners in Norwich. Without the involvement of the sort of Hollywood A-listers – Robert Redford, Jane Fonda – usually associated with Ensler, it’s still hugely effective. Local organisers were keen to show that the campaign is supported by men and boys as well as women.” Our trailer is embedded into the online article.

Hundreds of people came to the Forum and danced. We took this big team pic at the end when loads had already gone.

I had some sweet feedback from Anne from NIA Norfolk who led the dancing: "Brilliant job Shell - you should feel very proud of yourself- an amazing feat of collaboration and seemingly effortless organisation!" It was great doing such a wonderful event and it only lasting an hour - much easier than organising Norwich Pride! Here's a great pic of me and Amrita from Norwich Mind taken by Ann Nicholls from Look, See, Click!

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